We ain't got time for that shit. On integrity and sticking to your word.

We ain't got time for that shit. On integrity and sticking to your word. | freshbysian.com

SO... Integrity, and sticking to your word — in life and business and art. It's something I've really grown to admire in people lately as I've come across situations where people just don't take their word seriously and other people (including me) end up getting let down by that. I know that its rarely intentional that people miss deadlines or forget to do what they said they were going to do — but it matters. In a world where everyones got fucking fomo and we've got a million things going through our minds 99% of the time, I think we've kinda forgotten that our word MEANS SOMETHING. 

I'm not perfect at it, but I really try to be. Every time I tell someone I'll email them back, or go to that event, or send them something for the magazine, I really THINK about what I'm saying and if I know without a doubt that I can make it happen, when I said I would. I think the world needs more people that do what they say they're going to do, and speak up about shit that means something to them... Even if that means we're gonna stumble and fuck up every now and then.

Here's some other examples ::

👉 If you say you're going to email someone about something by a certain date, DO IT.

👉 Don't RSVP to a group event then not show up (or tell anyone you're not even going). I've experienced this one too many times lately and I still don't get it... Maybe its the FOMO?

👉 If you're setting a deadline for a project, give yourself an extra day or week... Then you KNOW you're gonna nail it, no question.

👉 Stand for something, and speak up if you have something to say that you're passionate about, regardless of the likes or dislikes. Two people I dig for this are Ben Brown and Karissa Pukas.

👉 If you get asked to do something/feature somewhere/be a part of something, only say yes if it's a Fuck Yes. If it's not, say No. Otherwise you're wasting everyone's time (including your own).

Everyone's time is EQUAL, and valuable AF. We all have lives and stuff going on and things we're chasing and creating, but no one likes a flake and we ain't got time for that shit. Your word is kind of... Everything. Take it more seriously. Fucking live by it.

ps. I'm pretty sure you get my vibe with this, but it's not about being scared to change your mind or pivot when you know something just isn't right for you... Its about owning your shit and taking your word more seriously. 😜

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