You don’t have to ‘play bigger’

You don’t have to ‘play bigger’ |

You don’t have to ‘play bigger’ on anyone else’s terms but your own. 

You don’t have to fall victim to anyone elses idea of success. You don’t need to hire the big team. You don’t need to have the big office. You don’t need to sell thousands of products or services… All you have to do is decide what YOU want, then go make it happen.

Maybe ‘playing bigger’ means cutting back all of your offerings to only the shit you really like.

Maybe ‘playing bigger’ means scaling back your business, taking a part time job, and taking the stress of your biz to make all of the money all of the time.

Maybe ‘playing bigger’ means taking the time to know yourself so you can move forward in your own life and business with more self-awareness and confidence. 

Do your thing fam... Play bigger on your own terms.