The Ultimate Round-Up : 7 Services to Sell Your Digital Products

The Ultimate Round-Up : 7 Services to Sell Your Digital Products |

I've spent the last week or so testing out almost every Digital Product delivery app out there, as this is a world I'm diving into headfirst at the moment. 

In the past I've always used Gumroad for digital products, and while I love it, there's a couple of big downsides for me, and I wanted to see what else was out there.

I narrowed my list down to my top 7, and put em all into a nifty lil' chart for you! 

I haven't included Squarespace or any Wordpress plugins here, as they each have their own ways of handling eCommerce, so the services listed below are all specifically designed to be standalone digital product apps/software.

Here's my round up ::

The Ultimate Round-Up : 7 Services to Sell Your Digital Products |

A Side Note :: If you're not familiar with VAT, it's a new Tax in the EU for Digital Products, which is absolutely worth looking into, or talking to an accountant about, if you plan to sell digital products. Even though it's only in Europe, it still applies to international businesses that sell products to Europe.

A few thoughts on each service :


I've used Gumroad in the past for my eBook, but there's one big thing I just can't get down with — their payouts are only twice a month. I'm not really a big fan of that, it makes me super anxious having money sitting in places other than my Bank Account, without having access to it. 

On the flipside, Gumroad is the only provider out there I've seen that takes care of VAT taxes for you, which is a massive plus. 


Selz is super slick and incredibly easy to use.

One thing I found a little strange — although they don't have a monthly fee for the service itself (they take a commission), there are monthly fees for any Integrations or Extras you want to include. For example, to add the PayPal feature (which allows your customers to purchase via PayPal), it's an extra $5 per month. 

The on-site overlay for Selz is super slick and well designed, which I'm a big fan of. 


Similar to most of the other services here, Sellfy lets you create seamless pop-ups on your own website, so your customers are never directed away from your site (other than to process payments through PayPal). They also offer instant payouts, so no waiting around to get your money. 


I think SendOwl is probably my favourite out of this list. Just because it's really fucking simple and it does everything I need it to. As soon as someone purchases a product the money goes into your PayPal account — which I dig. And the MailChimp integration is mega easy, which is rad if you're running an eCourse, or anything via email. 


So eJunkie is probably the least good-looking service here, but it's pretty comprehensive, and it has very low fees.

Big plus for not having a commission rate, too!


I've used Pulley in the past, when I had a store selling digital products via BigCartel (Pulley is owned by BigCartel) but it is VERY simple. There's not a lot of integrations available. 


Plasso is for sure the best looking service here. I think they're pretty new to the game — but they look like they know what they're doing. If I had access to Stripe (I'm in NZ — where it's yet to launch), I'd for sure be all over this.

So, that's my roundup! Are there any other apps out there you dig? What do you use to sell digi products?