I'm done with the calling-out and shit-talking

I'm done with the calling-out and shit-talking. | freshbysian.com

The other day I was trolling through a business Facebook group (as ya do), and there was a post where someone had listed out a bunch of words and hypey phases they were sick of seeing online.

It was one of the more popular discussions and there was a bunch of people jumping in to have their say.

I feel like an older version of me would have jumped on board and been all ‘Ugh fuck yes I am so with you — I’m sick of these words too’, but I felt myself swaying in the opposite direction this time… The more I thought about it, the more I thought, who even really cares? 

I’ve done my fair share of calling-out, and I think in a way its still important because it can help dispel myths and encourage people to think in new ways — but I feel as though the intentions behind it need to be positive. Are you shit-talking just to be a dick (and probably to feel as though you’re elevating yourself), or are you shit-talking because you genuinely want to help people re-think something? 

Trust me, I’m all for doing your own thing and not giving a fuck about trends or what everyone else is doing, but at the end of the day I feel like its more important to just run your own race all together — rather than trying so damn hard to be ‘different’. 

So, here’s to less calling-out, more empowering. Less talking about what we’re sick of, more talking about what we love + what we want to see more of. 

You with me?  

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