Is Growing Your Business what you actually want?

Is Growing Your Business what you actually want? |

I asked myself this question a few months back, and the answer was no.

Here's why ::

For a while, I resisted hiring people in my business. I’m still not sure why… Maybe it was an ego thing. I thought I could, and should want to do everything myself.

Maybe it was a fear, or upper limit thing… If I started hiring people, it would mean that I’m really fucking in this. Maybe it was all external influences… I kept feeling like I ‘should’ want to grow my business, but because it was this pressure from outside, I felt really against it. 

After chatting some of this stuff through with my coach Steph a few months back, I realised that my business can look like whatever the hell I want it to look like.

If just having one or two team members means I can still create good work, have fun, and create new and challenging work — awesome. Or if it means I need a whole bunch of contracted creatives and other people from all over the world, to do that same level of work — that’s cool too. 

I think we all have work inside us that we have to get out into the world. Whatever it takes to get that work out, to get in the zone, to create good shit, to reach the people you want to reach — that’s what’s important. 

If 'going big’, or growing my business is a by-product of that… Awesome. Whatever. Cool cool. But for me, it's not the goal, or the end game. 

It's all about getting back to the WHY. If growing your business is something you want to do, ask yourself WHY? Why is that important to you?

If you just keep asking why, I think you'll find something a lot more meaty than just the surface level stuff. Get to the why... You'll find the good stuff.

So, I want to know… What do you think about growing your business and going big?