Making Shit Happen : My Current 3 Fave Apps

Making Shit Happen : My Current 3 Fave Apps |

I feel like being in online business, I'm always on the look out for sick new apps and services that will help me be a better creator.

I've tried out a few new apps lately, but these are 3 that I really love, and am planning on sticking with! 

Two of these apps are all about scheduling, which I'm kind of obsessed with lately. I find it so much easier (and more fun), to get in the zone and create a bunch of content at once, and then schedule it, knowing that I'm covered for the next week or so. 


I discovered Latergram a few weeks back, and I'm hooked. It's an app, as well as a website that allows you to schedule Instagram posts.

The thing about Instagram scheduling apps is that most of them don't actually post the images for you, as the Instagram API doesn't currently allow for 3rd party uploads... So this means you still have to manually post everything yourself... BUT, the thing I love most about Latergram is that you can upload images from your Desktop, straight into the online app. 

I feel as though since I've been using Latergram, I've stepped up my Insta-game a bit... Now I can edit a whole bunch of photos, write a few posts, and schedule them, all at one time. I find the creation process a lot more fun when I know I can get in the zone, create a bunch of content, schedule it, and know that I'm good for a week or two... It takes the stress out of it. 


I bow to the creators of this app. It's a Gmail add-on that allows you to schedule emails. 

It seems so incredibly simple, but holy shit is it useful. Sometimes you don't necessarily want people to know that you're up in the middle of the night, so you can schedule emails to send whenever you like. You can also 'Boomerang' incoming emails, to be deleted out of your Inbox, and they'll come back to you in a few days, or whenever you choose. 

Lightroom Mobile

I finally made the switch from Photoshop to Lightroom for photo editing a couple of months ago, and lately I've been messing around with Lightroom Mobile.

The number one reason I'm in love with it so much, is that I just found out how to use Presets from the Desktop app, on the Mobile app. So what this essentially means is that you can edit photos in Lightroom for Desktop, and Lightroom Mobile, and have the same colour grading across your photos.

So combine this with cameras that have built-in wifi, and there's no need for a Laptop to edit photos. For an on-the-go, consistency nerd like me, this is kinda mind blowing.

I use VSCO to edit all of my photos, and I've got mad love for them, but this is one thing that kinda annoys me... The filters between VSCO Cam, and VSCO Film are different. 

If you're interested, here's the tutorial on how to do it! It's a bit of a work-around, but its worth it.

Have you used any badass new apps or services lately? What are you digging?