What's off limits?


When you consider yourself an entrepreneur, you’re always scheming and dreaming about new things to make, right? It’s just how it is… But I think there are times when you gotta have your boundaries.

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Sometimes when you take something that is fun for you and you turn it into a business or a way to make money, it can totally kill the vibe.

There are times when it can go the other way and skyrocket and you end up loving it even more, but as an entrepreneur I think it’s super important to have at least a couple of things that are totally off-limits… Things that can just stay hobbies or side gigs without the pressure of them being a part of your business.

Here’s a couple of examples of what’s off-limits for me ::

+ My photography.
For a while there I was hoping to try and sell some of my photography on stock photo websites, but in the end I made the decision that my travel and adventure photography is all mine. I’m open to photography collabs or projects here and there, but I decided that I love photography more when it’s just a hobby.

+ My handwriting.
The absolute number one question I get asked through emails and on Instagram is ‘What font is that script one on your website/quotes?!’, and 99% of the time, it’s my handwriting. If I wanted to I could create a font or commission handwritten pieces, but it’s not something I want to do as I feel my handwriting is a personal thing — and I only want to use it for my own business, or my clients.

So those are a couple of things that are off-limits for me right now, but as you define your own, remember that these things can change! So what’s off-limits for you right now might evolve into something bigger by this time next year, which is totally cool. The whole point is just to be clear on one or two things that are straight-up hobbies for you (i.e. there’s no money-making involved).

Being able to clearly define what’s off limits also helps keep you focused on the bigger goal and the shit your business is actually based on. It helps you stay clear on what does and doesn’t make money for you — which is super important.

As of right now, what’s off limits for you?

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