Are you reacting or living?

Are you reacting or living? |

Most days after I’m finished working, I’ll jump on YouTube and catch up with some of my fave vloggers (like Casey Neistat and Ben Brown), and just chill out for a bit.

So the other day after watching some vids, I stumbled across a few YouTube channels that were literally just people reacting to stuff. The headlines read like this...

‘[Insert famous person's name here] said THIS about me. Here’s my reaction!’ 
Reacting to Antarctic Candy! OMG!’ 

I’ve seen these videos around before so it was nothing new, but for some reason that day it got me thinking more about this ‘reaction’ thing… 

How often do we just react to shit versus actively getting out and creating the life that we want?

Then it got me thinking about times in my life where I wasn’t really in control... The times where I was just a passenger in my own life, reacting to stuff that was thrown my way. 

I remember when I first lived in Sydney in 2010, and I was working a 9-5 job… All I did was live for the weekends. And even then, I would lounge around and watch Breaking Bad and be a couch bum the whole fucking time, or just go shopping and spend all of my money. Then Monday would roll around and the same pattern would just repeat… Work. Live for the weekend. Watch TV. Shop. Repeat. 

Looking back now — it was not a good time and I definitely wasn’t very happy. 

And I think in some ways I’ve been getting a little stuck in a similar pattern lately (but maybe not to those extremes)… I’m very driven and I know what I want, but I think I’ve been just waiting for stuff to happen versus actually making it happen myself — especially in my biz. I’ve been going with the flow a little too much and now I’m over it. 

There are defo times in life when all you can do is react… When you’re thrown a challenge and you just have to get through it as best you can — and sometimes that means just taking it day by day. But for the most part, we gotta get out and chase the shit we want. 

Here’s some examples of reacting vs living…


  • Waiting for everyone else to make a decision then just going along with it (such as travel plans)
  • Waiting for things to fall into place by themselves (such as your finances — which is something I'm def guilty of! ha)
  • Waiting for clients or customers to find you, and buy from you


  • Making decisions for yourself 
  • Making a plan and taking action on it 
  • Getting clear about who you serve, how you can help them, and then reaching out to them

You see the difference? So you can see through those few examples, there’s a lot of waiting vs making. Going with the flow vs taking action. 

To live a big, wild, crazy life, we gotta get out there and do the shit we want. We gotta chase the dreams and take action. Sure — it's scary and it's hard, but we gotta do it. 

So… Are you just reacting, or are you actively taking steps towards what you want? [Click to tweet}