Screw Branding. Who are you?

Screw Branding. Who are you? | from

You’re a soloprenuer, you’ve taken at least one Branding course, downloaded ‘erry free resource under the sun, and you still don’t really know what your ‘Brand’ is… And if you’re honest with yourself, even hearing the word ‘Branding’ has you rolling your eyes a little.

If you’re nodding your head to this… Then read on my friend, because this is for you.

So this world of Branding is nothing new to me. I have my own Branding course (Be Unmistakable), and I looove having conversations about it. But if I’m being totally honest — anything ‘Branding’ related has had me in that eye-rolley phase lately too… And it’s because I’m sick of reading the same old shit (including some of the stuff I’ve written myself). It just doesn’t feel like it’s going deep enough, right?

You know what I mean. Content like…

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There is absolutely value in this stuff – and I know this because I’ve heard from people who have used my resources that work through these exercises and have found them super useful, but there’s a whole notha’ layer underneath that I feel like we’re kinda skimming over, and that is...

Who are you as a person?

As solo business owners, we have to approach this Branding thing a little differently than if you were a team or a larger biz. When you are the face of your biz, everything starts with who YOU are.

If you aren’t able to truly own your shit — good or bad — then Branding yourself as a soloprenuer is always going to be a struggle. [Click to tweet]

Before you even THINK about who your ideal customer is and how you want your website to look and all of that other stuff — you have to take the time to understand who you are and what YOU want as a person (not as a business).

So what does it mean to understand yourself? I know this is kinnnnnd of a huge topic, but here’s a few things that come to mind for me…

Having an opinion.

Knowing what you stand for.

Getting honest with yourself.

Asking what you’re hiding from the world, and what it would take for you to share it with us.

Knowing what gets you stoked.

Knowing what gets you fired up and pissed off.

At the end of the day it’s not even about ‘crafting’ a Brand — it’s about uncovering what’s already there, and then taking the time to craft your business around your personality and your own vibe (not the other way around).

I feel as though this side of business is where true authenticity happens — not from just telling people about that one time you failed or sharing how you made 10 figures last month. Sure, that stuff is important and motivating in it’s own way, but that’s not the stuff that's going to root your business in soul.

All we want — all I want — is more realness, and less fake authenticity. For more people to step into the spotlight as themselves and KNOW it’s that that’s gonna get them where they want to go. [Click to tweet]

I know this is big stuff, and it’s tough to continually show up as ourselves and face our fears of being judged… But we gotta do it, right? Everyone has the right to be who they truly are, and it's this evolution of truly coming into our own that we live from the day we are brought onto this earth, to the day we leave.

So if you’re feeling pissed off with the world of ‘Branding’ as a soloprenuer, just stop trying so hard to ‘figure it out’ and take some time to understand who you are as a person… And then work that into your biz.

This way of thinking about Branding is something that I'm super interested in at the moment and I'm stoked to explore it a bit more... But I'd love to know your thoughts! What experience have you had when it comes to linking your own confidence and understanding of yourself, with your business?

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