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Here you'll find a bunch of random cool stuff...

Friends + people I love. Business + Branding Resources. Music. Movies. All kinds of goodness that I've used + loved, or have come highly recommended. Check it! 

This is a curated collection of radness, I don't just want this to be filled with random secondary recommendations – so everything + everyone on here I personally fucking dig. 


Friends + Other Rad People


Death to Stock

Death to Stock are an art & inspiration ecosystem for the non-stock human. They're fucking rad.

Jon Olsson

Probably the only Daily Vlogger that I really dig watching. He's always doing epic shit + getting the hell after life.

Shauna Haider

Shauna has been kicking ass and taking names since I first found her blog when I was studying design back in the day. Check her!

Hillary Weiss

Hillary is the only gal I go to for my copywriting. She's a fucking legend and she's got the lols too.

Claire Marshall

Another one of the few YouTuber's I really dig... All of her content is edited so rad + she always seems so genuine and chill.

Dani Hunt | Neverland Studio

Dani is always my #1 Designer recommendation. She's such a pro and she has mad, mad skills.


Steph Jagger

Steph is an author, coach, world-record smasher, and all around badass. You should defo follow her on the Instas + check her stuff out.


Meg is a powerlifter/YouTube badass. She inspired me to get into lifting + to get strong AF. She's hilarious + straight up + I love her.

Paul Jarvis

Canadian hombre #459. Paul shows people how to kick ass at the intersection of creativity and commerce (and he's real fucking good at it).

The Goddess Rebellion

One of my fave Insta accounts to follow... Always hittin' ya in the feels with the truth and the sass.

Cartia Mallan

Cartia is a YouTuber I dig... She started out doing mostly beauty stuff but now she mixes it up a lot + her style is so cool + unique to her.

Alchemy + Aim

The most pro Website Developers you'll ever come across. They know what they're doing, and they're always there to help ya!


Lana Jankovic

Lana is my Canadian homegirl... She's adventurous AF and her Insta's will have you swooning + feeling all of da feels.

Romila Barryman

Mila is my other Canadian homegirl... She's all about the travel + storytelling life. She's basically Carmen Sandiego.

Dynamo ultima

My biz pals. They're a couple designers + explorers who are stoked to help people tell epic stories through their Brands.

Mandy Huser

Another one of my fave Instas... And you knew it was coming — Canadian hombre #210. Adventure + words + truth? Yep. She got it.

Ben Brown

YouTube travel/adventure hombre. Ben's content is always on point, and you can tell he's just a straight-up good dude.


Business + Branding Resources



This is what I use for email marketing in my business. I know I don't use it to even half what it's capable of, but I love it.


My #1 go-to for high quality, non-cheesy stock photos. The pricing is a lil higher than some others, but it's so worth it.


My #1 app for getting my Instagram sorted. Super easy to use and they're always adding more awesome features.


Squarespace is what my website runs on, and I can't recommend it highly enough. I could talk 'bout it for DAYS, son.


The only platform I use to host forms... I use these mostly for surveys in my business, and I highly recommend 'em.


SendOwl is what I use to sell all of my digital products. It's simple AF, the pricing is on-point, and it's generally just really rad.


I don't use this as much these days, but it's awesome when you have to manage a lot of clients or projects.





Probably my fave YouTube channel for music. If you're into chill (ish) electro vibes, hit it up.

Check it here

Kidnap Kid Mix

I'm all over anything Kidnap-Kid, but this hour long mix is so smooth.

Check it here


Keeping with the same vibes as Kidnap Kid, Bonobo is another solid housey dude.

Check him here


I'm pretty much in love with this dude... So much fucking talent. 

Check him here

Future Bass Mix

Another hour long mix... Same kinda electro vibes. 

Check it here

Majestic Casual

Another solid YouTube channel... Super chill housey vibes. 

Check it here

Majestic Casual Chill Mix

An hour long mix perfect for Sunday's or when you just wanna chill da fuck out.

Check it here


Other Random Stuff


Nuuna Notebooks

Hands down my fave notebooks in the world. Sick designs. Amazing quality. The whole deal. Worth every cent. 
Check 'em here



*Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, so I do earn a kickback if you end up signing up with some of the services listed here. ✌️