Love from previous clients

From the outset, I was crystal-clear on how I wanted Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted to feel, and having worked with Sian on several projects before, I trusted her implicitly to translate that feeling into mind-blowing visuals. Of course, she over-delivered.

Before the course had even started I lost count of the number of times I’d been complimented on the design, and I love that once the members were ‘inside’ and started receiving the modules, the comments continued to roll in. ‘Stunning!’ ‘So PRO!’ ‘Beyond beautiful!’ This kind of wide-eyed enthusiasm is a given when you work with Sian. She nails it - and people respond, excitedly.

As always, I have no hesitation in recommending Sian as a true pro who rises to the occasion to help you deliver your work in a way that feels fresh, innovative, creative and all ‘you.’
— Rachel MacDonald |

Sian is an immense talent, masterful and truly innovative. And that’s not all. Working with her, I felt part of a genuine creative collaboration and utterly supported every step of the way.

There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to recommend Sian, so I can keep her brilliance to myself. Seriously, when you’re ready to set trends, instead of just following them, you need Sian on your team.
— Kate Byrne | Betty Means Business

From the moment I handed her my brief I totally knew she had it under control. I was confident in letting her create her magic... She is a genius at what she does and that is reflected in her beautiful work.
— Mel Ambrosini |

It’s a little scary how ‘creative’ the mind of Sian Richardson is. I’ve heard people use the phrase ‘THE BOSS’ when referring to Sian. And I too am now one of them. She is THE BOSS. She is an artist.
— Claire Obeid |

... My only warning? Her work, her creations, her presence, even her emails, are so’ll be thinking of your next project before you know it just to get her magic touch and see the beautiful things she creates each and every time! You’ve been warned.
— Paula Bailey

Working with Sian has truly been a pleasure and an amazing experience. Her talent has blown me away and the end result is beyond what I could have ever imagined.

The entire process has been smooth - she’s open, easy to work with and takes everything in her stride. She ‘tuned’ into me and my brand and was able to translate my desires perfectly.
— Amy Miller |

Love for my Branding course, Be Unmistakable


Love for my toolkit, Play Bigger

I really enjoyed how it seemed to take you through a ‘process’, it was very organic. Can we make it required reading for anyone who wants to hire designers in future please?
— Sasha Haycraft
I absolutely loved this Toolkit. If it had been around when I was starting out in business, it would have saved me so much precious time, angst and energy.
— Sue Muller

The toolkit is like a lifeline for those who are new to the creative process. It takes the guesswork out and gives you more confidence to engage the right people to support your business.
— Kate White

This is so much more than a Toolkit. It helps you navigate deep into the guts of your business to create a clear vision about what you actually want and need. It then provides you with some really practical tips, steps, and checklists to help you with the actual process of hiring and working with the creatives that will help bring your brand vision to life.
— Natalie Comstock