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Running a business doesn't mean you gotta re-invent the whole wheel... It means taking that shit and painting it with your own damn colours.


Lemme guess ::

You’re not into ripping off other people’s processes, but you really dig seeing how its done, so you can take a bit of inspiration and put your own spin on it (because everything is a remix).

You’re ready to get the back end of your business locked down so you can spend less time on admin, processes and trying to manage your damn time, and more time focusing on actually doing the work you love.

You’re sick of feeling like you have no motivation or momentum to actually sit down and do the work, because you’re not really sure where, or how to start… And you’re over it.

Sound like you?

Then my totally NEW Make More Moves toolkit might be just what you’re after.


Make More Moves

is a a kickstart toolkit for creative entrepreneurs on how to get the 'behind the scenes’ of your biz sorted so you can focus less on the day-to-day shit, and more on doing the work you love.



This is hands-down the most valuable product you’ve created. I am FLOORED with the amount of detail you’ve put into this. Rock on lady.
— Lindsey Allen

Wow! Honestly I think this toolkit will be my go-to biz bible. I like the balance between your personal stories, theoretical advice, real life examples and resources.
— Christelle Bourgeois

I LOVE reading about your own experiences. Those real-life stories and examples really take this toolkit to a new level for me.
— Suzzane Hoare


Before we go any further, lemme be straight — this toolkit is NOT full of empty promises…

This is real shit that I've done in my business.

I’ll show you what’s worked for me and what hasn’t. Because my #1 mish in my business is to help you win at your OWN game, and Make More Moves is no exception. 

Although 1-1 design isn't a service I offer anymore, it was a HUGE part of my business for 3 years. I put my focus into just doing the work and I was able to create a really unique, solid Brand, and it paid off. I was booked out for months in advance, I made good money, and I was able to be selective with who I worked with (i.e. I had waiting lists and enquiry emails on the reg). I worked with people such as Nisha Moodley, Melissa Ambrosini, Rachel MacDonald, and more. 

I'm not saying this to sound like a douche though, I'm just here to say that it can be done, and you can TOTALLY do it too, if it's what you want. 

I truly believe in being transparent and just telling it how it is, and this toolkit is a testament to that. 



I like how you offer really important nuggets of information based on your own experiences. I appreciate the mix of practical, implementable info with your own insights.
— Melanie Krestan

I love the emphasis on making your website your OWN, and doing anything you can to infuse your own personal touches. Love it, Sian! As always. You are so inspiring!
— Alex Morton

I love that you encourage us to just be ‘us’. I also love that your advice makes sense and has a reason behind it, not just the usual ‘do this because you everyone does’.
— Christelle Bourgeois


The Make More Moves toolkit
will help you ::

  • See how it can be done, so you can take real-life examples and put your own spin on them

  • Get the ‘backend’ of your business a little more sussed, so you can spend more time actually doing the work you love

  • Streamline your processes and keep the momentum alive (which equals more time doing the work, less time getting lost in that bloody Explore page on Instagram for 2 hours and coming out feeling dazed + confused AF)

  • Back yourself and own the work you put out into the world (which means making more money and attracting the right clients + customers)



Make More Moves is perfect for any creative entrepreneur (or aspiring creative entrepreneur) offering 1-1 services.

So you could be...

A Graphic Designer
A Copywriter
A Photographer
An Illustrator

I loved your honesty through the whole pricing section. I feel like there is this taboo against discussing prices and you just lay it all on the table. You really are about helping people win at their own game! This got me so excited for going out on my own, and I feel like a have a little Pom-Pom wielding person behind me yelling ‘Yes you can do this, you are awesome’. So thank you for that!
— Stacey

The Toolkit is broken down into 3 parts. Here's the full outline ::

Part 1 — Getting Your Shit Sorted

  • Lesson 1 :: Organising Your Workflow

  • Lesson 2 :: The No-Bullshit Starter Guide to Email Mailing Lists

  • Lesson 3 :: Setting Up Your Website for Success

  • Lesson 4 :: Dollar Billz + Accounting 101


Part 2 — Managing Client Work

  • Lesson 1 :: How to Actually LAND Clients (and keep the good ones around)

  • Lesson 2 :: Owning Your Shit and Quoting for Client Work (because they go hand-in-hand)

  • Lesson 3 :: Client Contracts :: Take yourself (and your clients) Seriously

  • Lesson 4 :: Managing Client Work Like a Pro


Part 3 — Doing The Work

  • Lesson 1 :: How to Create Boss AF Content for Your Blog + The Social Medias

  • Lesson 2 :: Managing Your time :: How to Get Stuff Done, and Still Have a LIFE

  • Lesson 3 :: Showing Up in The World



So you'll learn things like...

👉 How to set up your website to help you land more dream clients.

👉 How to quote for client work and the 4 MUST-HAVES to include on your proposals.

👉 WTF a client contract looks like, and how to set one up.

👉 The ultimate red flags to look out for with new clients, and how to turn people down (including copy + paste scripts that you can steal). 

👉 How to set boundaries for your clients (and yourself) so you can still do the work without totally losing your mind and hitting burnout.

👉 What to do when jobs go south, or you and the client just aren’t a fit anymore.

👉 How to get feedback (aka testimonials) after you’ve finished the work, and how to handle it if you get some not-so-great feedback (including copy + paste scripts that you can steal). 

... And way more.



And the best part?

Throughout the whole toolkit, there's REAL examples of processes and documents from my own biz, along with mini case studies of other people out there getting it done and doing the work — so you can get a take a peek at how it can be done, and then figure out what's going to work for you.

So far these samples are the among the top-loved part of the toolkit by everyone who's gone through it so far.  


I was blown away by Part 2. So much value, and so much practical, honest information that is fucking hard to find and get straight answers out of people. This is the shit. Also: Thank you for declaring your stuff-ups, and for sharing where you started from — in details, numbers wise. It makes a serious difference and makes this resource feel very legit.
— Louise Berger


Oh and the workbook design?
It's pretty damn fresh.



The content writing felt very inspiring and definitely made me think twice about my current website build.
— Lexi Smith

So many courses give standard formulas for Website copy, content, and layouts but they don’t help to create something that is really ‘me’, and it can be discouraging because it’s giving the feeling of doing something wrong. But your [Website] Lesson gives me feeling that I can and I should do my website how I want it. No compromises.
— Monika Brzeczek

I LOVE that you’re including the links to provide examples of people that are doing it right. Having you explain something is great but being able to see it live really digs it deeper.
— Roy Rivas

So... you in?

Let's go.


Still not 100% sure if this is for you? 

Make More Moves is literally made for you if...

You're a fresh AF graduate out of design school, and you're pretty sure you want to start your own business but you didn't learn anything about being an entrepreneur or managing clients in school... And you'd rather not go in totally blind. (You'd also really dig the Newbie Starter Guide — which is only up for grabs during the Pre-Sale).


You've been working in a 9-5 job for a couple years and you're over it, and you're ready to take the leap and start your own biz, but it scares the shit out of you and you'd feel so much better if you just knew the basics of getting your biz set up, and getting your processes nailed down.


You've already started your own business (fuck yes!), and you've been in the game a few months but you're still feeling a little lost. You've brought a couple courses on how to start a business and work 1-1 with clients, but they weren't actually that helpful and they left you feeling more confused than you were before. You want to see actual examples of how it can be done, and then figure out how to make shit work for YOU.


So... Any of those sound like you?

Then Make More Moves is made for you! I'd be so stoked to have you join the fam. Lesgo. 



So... you in?

I loved hearing about your own experiences that you learnt the hard way from — regarding contracts + finances. That ‘proves’ the lessons you’re sharing. I also really dig the step by step contract walk through! Thats legit stuff in online biz no one actually talks about. The detailed, backend stuff is my fave.
— Emily Hassett

Things you might be
wondering about... 


👇🏽 Will this info help me even though I'm not based in the same country as you?

YES! This toolkit is designed to work for you, no matter where you are in the world. The majority of information throughout of the toolkit doesn't depend at all on which country you're based in. And then in the parts that are more specific to your own country (such as the ones that include money and accounting), I've included as much information as I can to help you out.

👇🏽 How can I view the workbooks on my digital device?

You can view the workbooks anywhere you can open PDF's — so usually Adobe Acrobat is best for this. But you can also easily view the workbooks from Evernote or iBooks or other apps like that, that allow PDF viewing.

👇🏽 Can I print the workbooks easily?

YES! For sure. I've designed the workbooks with printing in mind — but they're not so basic that you're gonna get bored. All of the Worksheet pages are designed in black and white, but if you choose to print the whole Workbook you can adjust the settings to print in black and white, or just select a few pages, if you're conscious of using too much ink.

👇🏽 How does the payment work?

All payments are processed via PayPal. You don't have to have a PayPal account though, you can also pay just using a Credit Card without registering for an account. You'll see this option on the payment page.

👇🏽 Can me and a friend just buy the toolkit once and share it?

Nope. Unless you're genuinely in busines together and you'll work through the toolkit together, you'll need to buy your own version. The toolkit is not to be shared or republished online or otherwise.

👇🏽 Will I still get something out of this if I'm not specifically a Creative Entrepreneur?

Most likely! There's a bunch of content that could be adapted to whatever industry you're in, but this is designed with a creative entrepreneur in mind. Be sure to check over the content outline if you're still not 100% sure, or send me an email using the button below if you have any more specific questions.

👇🏽 Is there a community to join?

Not right now.

👇🏽 What if you update the toolkit in the future? Do I get acess to new stuff?

Yes, for sure! You get lifetime access to Make More Moves, meaning you'll get any future updates I make to the toolkit.

👇🏽 How will I receive my toolkit?

When you purchase the toolkit you'll see an email land in your Inbox, with a link where you can download the toolkit.

👇🏽 Can I get a refund if I don't like it, or it doesn't work for me?

Refunds can be issued within 7 days of receiving the final toolkit (when providing a legitimate reason for requiring a refund). Please contact me for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products. If you have any questions about the Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact me at



Got another question?

Shoot me an email by clicking the button below! If you're also not sure whether the toolkit is suited for you — send me an email and I'll be able to help you out.

If I think it's not the right fit for you, or there's another product out there better suited for you — I'll tell you. I'm not in the game to push shit on you that you don't even need... I'm here to help you win at your own damn game — whatever that looks like. 



So... you in?

Let's go.