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Oh hey! Along with your free mini-Guide I thought I'd take the chance to intro myself... I'm Sian. 

I'm the main ring leader around these parts, so I thought I'd better give you a quick intro so you know who the hell is behind this shit. I'm a Creative Entrepreneur from that little country at the bottom of the world known for its sheep, that people literally always confuse with Australia... New Zealand. And because we all love a fucking great bulleted list, here's some random things about me ::

  • My name is pronounced see-arn (something I get asked a LOT, lol).
  • My ultimate mish is to help you win at your own damn game.
  • I can't get down with Coffee or Tea. NOPE. Hot chocolate gal for life, right here. I think this downgrades my Creative Entrepreneur points...
  • One time I threw myself 134m off a cable car suspended in the middle of the Nevis Canyon, in the South Island of NZ. It was probably equally the most terrifying and best thing I've ever done.

If you wanna stalk me some more, you can get at me on Instagram right over here.

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