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making cool shit with + for cool people

Kia Ora, I’m Sian.
I’m a graphic designer + creative entrepreneur.

I’m down with giving a fuck, doing good work for good people, and carving your own path. 


I was never the kid sitting out the front of my house on the weekends slingin’ homemade Lemonade to anyone who’d take it.

I was too busy messin’ around with the sewing machine or painting or doing basically anything that meant I got to be creative.

Skip a few years later to me, freshly graduated with a Bachelor of Media Arts (in Graphic Design), 20 years old, doing the 9-5 thing, spending my days doing work that wasn’t exactly creatively fulfilling, dreaming about the ripper sunshine Sydney (Australia) had to offer and the fact I wasn’t getting amongst it (and the fact that I’d moved there from NZ).

It didn’t take long before I was bored AF so I started a travel + lifestyle blog on the side, sharing my mini adventures and thoughts about life. I started meeting like-minded people on the interwebs, who also wanted to hire me to design things for ‘em. (BINGO).

After a while of living the double life, doing the 9-5 thing during the week and the freelance thing on the weekends, I decided to give my life the ol’ ‘fuck it’ approach, and quit my job to see if I could make a go of the freelance/self-employment thing.


That was in 2011.

Since then I’ve been figuring out WTF it looks like to run a business from your laptop, travel the world, and do the work you’re here to do (ya know, not the work you think you ‘should’ be doing).

It didn’t take me long to realise there’s no ‘one way’ to do it — so I just committed to doing it in a way that felt dope and aligned to me… And that’s still my mish today.


Sometimes it looks like majestic AF last minute, solo train trips to the Canadian Rockies (laptop in hand), and sometimes it looks like paying off a $10k tax bill while living with your parentals cause you had to find out the hard way about how to save that shit and not spend it on rental cars. (Learned that one within the first few years of biz… Would not recommend.)

I’ve worked with a whole handful of soul-driven Entrepreneurs such as Nisha Moodley, Kate Byrne, Melissa Ambrosini, Stevie Dillon + more, collaborated on a stack of projects, and crafted my own side-projects + digital products (some of which are hangin’ out in my Shop).

Design is what I DO, and it’s what I’ve always done since as long as I can remember.

I fucking love it, and I love using my skills to jam with people who are committed to doing things on their own terms.


Right now, this is what i’m up to ::

👉Jamming 1-1 with Graphic Design clients.

👉Working on Good as Gold — my new design template + resource studio!

👉Also probs fucking off on adventures around BC, Canada.



and ‘cause i’m totally down with declaring + sharing how you roll…

Here’s a couple things I know to be true ::

Sian Richardson - This Is What I Believe
Sian Richardson - This Is What I Believe
Sian Richardson - This Is What I Believe
Sian Richardson - This Is What I Believe


 Hit up the Shop

Over the years I’ve made a whole SWAG of print and digital products, and you can still get your hands on some of them. They include Be Umistakable — THE branding course for biz newbs, digital and print issues of my magazine — The Unmistakable Effect, and more.


Work With Me

Here’s how you can work with me ::

 👉Branding + Website Design Packages (Squarespace and Showit only)

👉Digital Product Design (eCourses and eBooks)

👉Long form Sales Page Design

I only take on a few clients erry year, cuz my best work happens when I commit to going all-in on a small number of projects (instead of half-assing a whole bunch). I also LOVE jamming with people who’ve already been in biz a few years and they know what they want and who their audience is.

All of my projects are a true collaboration, with the end goal of creating some really fucking smooth, fresh design that aligns with you + your business and where you wanna go.

Sound like you + keen to chat?


Please note — I am NOT currently working with edited or fully custom Wordpress websites. I’m only taking on web projects on Squarespace and Showit. These are my jam + where I have the most fun. ✌️



Here’s a selection of my work ::


(A full portfolio is available on request)



The branding work you've done has completely transformed my business. I'm obsessed with branding, and I was so frustrated that I couldn't achieve my vision by DIY'ing. I think that you've really set my business apart and I'm so grateful. Thank you for everything you've done I LOVE my brand, and I didn’t think it would be possible for my expectations to be surpassed.”

— stevie dillon | stevie says social


“Sian is an immense talent, masterful and truly innovative. Working with her, I felt part of a genuine creative collaboration and utterly supported every step of the way. Seriously, when you’re ready to set trends, instead of just following them, you need Sian on your team.”

— Kate Byrne | betty means business


“Legend. Queen. Radness. I've always had great experiences working with you. You are clear with our boundaries. It sets the stage for success. I know you take you and your time seriously and that helps me take you and your time seriously.”

— Steph Jagger | author, coach, world record smasher


now live!


Fresh, bullshit-free, adaptable design templates + resources for entrepreneurs on a mish.

‘cause good design doesn’t need to be a luxury.


Here’s some nice words from some cool people…